At our 2014 Titanium Mastermind in the Bahamas, one of the guest speakers was Kevin Harrington, star of the hit TV series, ‘Shark Tank.’

Having sold over $4 billion of products mainly through TV advertising, Kevin is always on the look out for new companies to invest in.

So, we decided to host our own mini ‘Shark Tank’ game where Kevin, myself, Fred Catona (another Titanium speaker who helped launch billion dollar company through radio advertising), and our emcee JT DeBolt were the sharks.

3 volunteers from the audience came up on stage and were given a few minutes to pitch us on their idea.

Then an incredible thing happened; Kevin Harrington made an offer to invest $100,000 of his own money into one of our attendees ideas and help launch it!

Watch the segment to see who won.

And make sure you get to our next Titanium Mastermind, and we’ll be playing another Shark Tank game like this one!




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