Platinum Consultant Mutiara Hadi had already faced a lot of challenges in her early life as a single mother before she got married and began to expand her family.

Working multiple jobs to make ends meet, she became frustrated with long hours working and the long commute – only to spend a large portion of her paycheck to cover childcare and other necessities for her growing family.

After her second child came along, she decided to stop working because it was too expensive to cover childcare. But not working created stress and unhappiness for Mutiara and she knew she needed to find something productive to do with her time.

That’s when Mutiara began to look for the right online opportunity help supplement her husband’s income. Although she was skeptical at first, she jumped into the training right away and was able to produce a 5-figure revenue result within the the first 30 days.

Mutiara took a short break due to pregnancy complications with her third child, but upon returning her focus to her business, she decided to participate in one of MOBE’s Mentorship Programs; after which, her business took off.

Mutiara’s success with the MOBE system has allowed her to qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. Now Mutiara is driving a brand new Honda Odyssey Touring Minivan with so many special features that she feels like the pilot of an airplane.

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