Diamond Consultant Paul Hong spent years working in the information technology industry; enjoying a lucrative career earning a good living, but working very long hours that kept him away from family for special occasions due to the demands of his job.

When Paul’s close friend and co-worker was terminated by the company just weeks away from his retirement, Paul recognized that there was no such thing as job security when you are working in a job for someone else.

That was when Paul began to take charge of his future and began to build an internet business, following MOBE’s 21 step program that he had been researching over time. Taking advantage of great coaching support, Paul learned that by placing ads that promoted MOBE products, he could earn commission based on the sales that came from the ads he placed. Additionally, he would have the freedom to enjoy more time with his family.

Paul positioned himself as a Diamond Consultant and the success of his advertising campaigns helped them to qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. Paul chose a new Chevy Bolt electric car as he is interested in protecting the environment for his children. As long as Paul meets the regular qualifying criteria, MOBE will reimburse him monthly for the cost of his car.

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NOTE: This video is a testimonial about the MOBE Motors program. For more details visit Any statements regarding lifestyle, earnings, or income are examples of the results of this top earner and are NOT TYPICAL. To see what typical results are visit




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