In March 2018, MOBE held it’s semi-annual event, the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat, the 4th in the history of MOBE.

This event was particularly special because Matt Lloyd distributed 84 MOBE Reward Rings to several of MOBE’s Top Earners.

Today, we feature Paul O’Mahony, an Irishman who is a social media expert who became a MOBE consultant in 2015. He is an accomplished international speaker and has created several successful businesses that allow him enjoy his MOBE commissions as a passive income stream. Paul says that if you want to be successful in this niche, all you have to do is find people who want better wealth, better health, and more happiness, but who understand that they have to invest time and money into that goal; and then turn them over to Matt and let the MOBE team guide them toward good results.

At the time of this recording, Paul had earned over $800,000 in commissions and earned 7 MOBE Reward Rings. His top milestone ring is a white gold ring with diamonds and a white Diamond center stone.

Congratulations Paul!

To find out how you can earn your MOBE MILESTONES and other rewards, click HERE.




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