Diamond member Dr. Steve Shelton spent 27 years as a physician, building a successful private medical practice in Louisville, Kentucky in the USA.

As a private business owner, he had begun to realize that his business was completely dependent upon him working in order to bring in revenue; which meant that even though he was his own boss, he was still trading time for money.

Financial strains meant that his only option was to work harder and longer hours which meant even more time away from his family.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Steve suddenly suffered a stroke, but during the course of recovery, when he was unable to “work”, he began to search for a business that would work for HIM instead of the other way around.

That was when Steve discovered MOBE and he began to take advantage of a proven system that would offer him time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom until he was released by his doctors to return to his practice.

Steve immediately found success with the MOBE system and soon qualified for the MOBE Motors Program. Now he is driving an E-Class series Mercedes and MOBE is making the payments for him.

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MOBE Motors

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