Steve Shelton was a busy, successful physician when he joined MOBE in 2014, getting positioned at the Platinum level.

He intended to build his online business at the time but was sidetracked by his “job” and never really got serious about his new business.

Then, Life intervened and Steve suffered a health crisis that left him unable to work; but with time on his hands and the foresight to see that he needed to take action to protect his future – Steve saw a solution.

Steve decided to take advantage of the MOBE Tuition Reimbursement Program, upgraded to Diamond, and began promoting his MOBE Business. After only a few months, Steve not only qualified for the MOBE Motors program which allowed him to start driving a new Mercedes, he crossed $100k in commissions and also became eligible to participate in the MOBE Leaders’ Retreat.

And although Steve’s results are not typical, it is an example of what is possible and Steve’s success can be a lesson to all of us that it’s NEVER too late to take action and grow your business!





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