Steven Bransfield was a normal college student, following society’s idea of the right path – go to school, get good grades and get a job. He had no direction and he knew that he wanted more.

He started learning all he could about internet marketing success by studying everything Matt Lloyd did on-line.

Then one day, Matt emailed Steven and offered him the opportunity of a life-time: to come to Malaysia and work side-by-side with the man he had grown to admire.

Steven dropped everything to jump at this chance: he dropped out of school, he left his friends, his apartment and his car in Florida and moved half-way around the world on 36 hours notice.

Everyone he knew thought he was crazy.

But Steven believed in himself and knew that this was his chance to change his life and his future.

Today, Steven has found success of his own and lives life on his own terms. He continues to learn from Matt and he coaches other young entrepreneurs who are willing to take a chance on a better future for themselves.

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