Diamond Consultants Sue and Jerry Smart have been career entrepreneurs for their entire married life. Sue owned a successful beauty salon for over 20 years and Jerry built a successful printing company in their native Sydney, Australia.

Sue and Jerry enjoyed running their lucrative businesses and built a great lifestyle for themselves; but when they started a family, their focus shifted and they began to yearn for a business that would offer them the same financial advantages they had enjoyed with much more time freedom to spend with their children and grandchildren.

Sue researched and invested in several online opportunities, but when she found MOBE, she discovered a business model that offered done for you services that would free up the Smart’s time and allow them to enjoy the time freedom for which they had been searching.

Now the Smarts live the life they want, working when they want, and traveling where they want – all while continuing to drive the traffic to their MOBE funnels that allow them to continue to make the commissions that helped them to qualify for one of MOBE most popular incentives – the MOBE Motors Program. Sue and Jerry are now driving a brand new Jaguar R-Sport that is paid for by MOBE.

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MOBE Motors

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