Traffic; it’s the one thing ALL our online business’s rely on, and can’t grow without.

The video above will give you my thoughts on investing in paid traffic.

When I buy traffic, I don’t look at it as an expense; I look at it as an investment.

Just like Warren Buffet allocates his and other people’s money into the companies that will produce the highest ROI, you too should allocate your traffic budget across the sources that will bring you the highest returns.

Your number one priority in the beginning is to figure out what those sources are, through testing.

If you’re just starting out, you might only have $10 or less a day to invest in traffic.  That’s fine.  I started out spending that kind of money back in early 2009.

Once you start bringing in sales though, you’ll want to invest a % of what you’re making automatically back into traffic.

You won’t scale unless you are increasing your ad spend from month to month.

And as long as you’re making more than a dollar for every $1 you invest, the whole concept of having a ‘traffic budget’ does not really make sense anyway.

Just ask yourself if you’d be afraid to insert a $1 token into a Slot Machine that was consistently paying out $1.50?  Probably not!

If you’d like to learn how to generate traffic, the No. 1 resource on the market right now is Traffic Masters Academy.

Inside the course you’ll learn 8 main sources of generating traffic, which you can see HERE.

Then all you need to do is find a great affiliate program, like what MOBE offers.  Send traffic to your affiliate links, start generating leads, and as long as you’re getting good leads the sales will soon follow.





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