It’s fascinating.

It’s fascinating how two people can be born into similar circumstances, and by age 30, one can have an average level of success and one can be an multi-billionaire.

How is that possible?

If you are not yet making the kind of money that you expect to be making, it has to do with how you are spending your time.

When I am trying to grow my business, I am all about buying back my time.

The best use of your time is to direct other people toward your goals; while giving them what they want in the process.

In your day-to-day activities, are you swimming forward? Or are you just treading water?

If you are spending too much time treading water, eventually, you will drown.

Swimming forward means that you are focusing on revenue making activities. It’s not doing the trivial many, but the vital few.

The key to scaling your business is in automating and outsourcing certain processes.

If you can create a system that will run independently without you, you can be free to take your business to the next level.

Be creative when considering your options for outsourcing.




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