Darren Salkeld became a MOBE affiliate just over a year ago.

To date he and his team have earned over 3 Million Dollars in commissions, making them the current top affiliate.

In this video interview filmed in Curacao, Matt Lloyd asks Darren to share his secrets and what has made his team so successful.

To get started in the MOBE affiliate program, Click Here.

Darren Salkeld will very likely be speaking at the next Super Charge Summit, so get your tickets now.




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  • Watching this video and hearing Darren explain how he was able to make $3.1 million in one year let me know it can be done! I feel very good being an affiliate of M.O.B.E. and I learned last night my friend Brian on the west coast just recently joined M.O.B.E., so we agreed to work as a team. Look out big money, here we come!

  • Preston Gilmore 3 years ago

    Hello Matt & Darren,
    Thank You for taking the timeout of your schedule to share some of your methods used to accomplish your achievement. I look forward to meeting you at a live event soon!

  • Kevin Steigerwalt 3 years ago

    Good for you, Darren. Keep going! And thanks Matt for sharing … and educating … and motivating. I’m only on step 3, but I dream. And what’s life if you’re not turning dreams into reality? It’s nice to see videos like this, it shows there really is a path out there. All that’s required is the willingness to walk it.

    Very inspirational.

  • Good job keep it up and keep going

  • This is very helpful. The power of reinvesting some of the money you get in commissions to promoting your business is very necessary and key to growth and prosperity!