You’ve all been asking us about the Milestone Rings

Watch this video to get a sneak peak.

Now, it’s time to request YOURS!

If you have crossed any of the Milestone marks, you can request your reward ring NOW. And if you have already earned multiple rings, you can request them ALL at one time.

For all 5-Figure Rings, we will ship those directly to your home, along with a beautiful, custom-made display box that will hold your current and future reward rings.

If you are receiving 6-Figure and/or 7-Figure Rings, you will need to reserve your spot at the Leaders’s Retreat and all of your rings (5, 6, & 7 Figure) will be presented at one time from the stage (and recorded, of course, for your use in your marketing.)

NOTE: All 6- and 7-Figure ring requests must be received a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the Leaders’ Retreat in which you have reserved your spot. Remember that the Leaders’ Retreat has limited space – so make your plans NOW.

To Reserve your spot at a Leaders’ Retreat in 2018, click HERE.

For Full Details and the link to request your rings, click HERE.





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