Diamond Consultant Venkat Ramineedi enjoyed a successful career as a software engineer, but the long hours left him with little free time to spend with his family.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Venkat decided to build a real estate business; which was so successful he wrote a book that taught others how to build a passive income in real estate investing. However, the success of that business also left him without the free time he wanted to live a life of freedom.

Venkat knew he needed to find a better solution. He hired a property manager to oversee his real estate holdings and began searching for online opportunities that would allow him the time freedom for which he was searching.

That’s when Venkat discovered MOBE, began training with a coach, and began to take advantage of the MOBE phone sales team who does all of the selling for him. All he has to do is place ads to draw leads into the system and the phone team takes over from there.

Venkat’s success with the MOBE system has allowed him to enjoy time with his family and travel the world; and it also helped him qualify for the MOBE Motors Program. Now Venkat is driving a brand new Mercedes that is fully paid for by MOBE.

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