Diamond consultant Virgilio Clemente was taught early in life the importance of working hard and paying his dues day in and day out while balancing family life and meeting his financial obligations.

He followed those lessons with 2 career dream jobs, working in the automotive industry and as a swat team emergency response team member for the state of New York.

Both jobs brought him great satisfaction with his career; but also came with long hours and lots of sacrifices of time with his family.

Virgilio wanted the best for his family, but found that hard to do with career jobs he had chosen; so he began to look for a better solution and discovered internet marketing in 2007.

After several years of mediocre success in various online ventures, Virgilio received an email from Matt Lloyd in 2013 that changed his life because Matt challenged him to get out of his comfort zone and change his life.

Earning $1,000 his first month was a turning point for Virgilio and now he has the financial freedom to spend time with family and to travel; all while driving a 2017 Chevy Traverse that is paid for by the MOBE Motors program.

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